The Powder7 Logo Design

2021-07-08T15:46:07-06:0001/03/2019|Broz Blog, Logo Design|

Broz Aids Powder7 With Logo Design It’s not often a crowdsourcing opportunity finds a perfect symmetry of vision and execution. This is what happened with the Powder7 logo design and Broz. When Powder7 put out a call to redesign their logo in August 2018, Broz jumped at the chance to help. Broz founder Matt Brozovich is an avid lifelong skier who has spent (and still spends) countless [...]

Taco Bell Rebrands

2020-06-28T22:46:21-06:0011/20/2016|Branding, Broz Blog, Logo Design|

Taco Bell Rebrands Everyone's favorite late night drunken fast food joint is getting rebranded and some people aren't happy. The old Taco Bell logo was hardly sophisticated, but goddammit: it was proudly 90s. The decade of Chester Cheetah, of Wayne's World, of Clinton Sax, of OK Soda and leopard-print leggings. It had a defiantly Double Dare aesthetic that double dared you to Make a [...]

This Bud’s For ‘Murica

2020-06-23T21:22:25-06:0005/11/2016|Branding, Broz Blog|

This Bud's For 'Murica Until the November presidential election, Budweiser is modifying its beer cans to read America rather than Budweiser and some other "patriotic" design changes. Budweiser is going to potentially ingenious, potentially absurd branding extremes. Going patriotic isn't genius or absurd; it's played. Budweiser did it back in 2012 to make more money during the busy summer selling season honor our troops and those [...]

The End Of Twitter

2020-06-23T21:25:23-06:0002/07/2016|Broz Blog, Social Media|

The End Of Twitter Is the end of Twitter imminent? Since its IPO last in 2013, there has been an absence of substantial user growth, a lack of company direction and Twitter has become a well-known bully pulpit (take Jimmy Kimmel's well-known bit Celebrities Read Mean Tweets, for example). Four of Twitter's top executives have left for greener pastures and their stock price continues [...]

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