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An effective logo design may consist of both an icon and the company name to emphasize the name over the graphic, and employ a unique design via the use of letters, colors and graphic elements.

Brewery Branding In The Big Easy

July 25, 2022 | Post By BROZ Brewery Branding In The Big Easy Opening a brewery during a pandemic is a harrowing ordeal, so it's great to see Broz client Aaron Merill, founder of Skeeta Hawk Brewing, featured on NOLA.com. The taproom at Skeeta Hawk Brewing has an open view of the brewery equipment where you can see Broz's branding [...]

Brewery Branding In The Big Easy2022-07-25T22:04:57-06:00

The Powder7 Logo Design

January 3, 2019 | Post By BROZ Broz Aids Powder7 With Logo Design It’s not often a crowdsourcing opportunity finds a perfect symmetry of vision and execution. This is what happened with the Powder7 logo design and Broz. When Powder7 put out a call to redesign their logo in August 2018, Broz jumped at the chance to help. Broz founder Matt Brozovich is an avid [...]

The Powder7 Logo Design2022-07-25T21:57:17-06:00

Taco Bell Rebrands

November 20, 2016 | Post By BROZ Taco Bell Rebrands Everyone's favorite late night drunken fast food joint is getting rebranded and some people aren't happy. The old Taco Bell logo was hardly sophisticated, but goddammit: it was proudly 90s. The decade of Chester Cheetah, of Wayne's World, of Clinton Sax, of OK Soda and leopard-print leggings. It had a defiantly Double Dare [...]

Taco Bell Rebrands2022-07-25T22:00:27-06:00
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