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Branding in Denver: Victory Love + Cookies

Victory Love + Cookies started with Kristy Greenwood baking cookies for her childhood sleepovers. A breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent awakening made it a reality.

Kristy had been baking and managing the The Denver Bread Company until her breast cancer diagnosis. She decided to take a few years off to heal. During that time, she realized she was exactly where she wanted to be; baking next to her husband Greg Bortz. She founded Victory Love + Cookies in 2008 in order to provide a lot of cookies and a lot of love.

Victory Love + Cookies was founded on Kristy Greenwood’s life awakening after her breast cancer diagnosis in 2006. The brand vision incorporates elements from the breast cancer awareness ribbon colors and wings to signify victory over cancer.

The logo is designed to work in different instances; an icon, a word mark and a “full” versions which consists of icons and words.

Over the past decade, a staff of dedicated cookie bakers and a supportive community of customers have made Victory Love + Cookies what it is today. The focus of Victory Love + Cookies is to get cookies out into the world and spread love, light, sugar and flavor by whatever means necessary.

Broz shares in the philosophy that cookies are meant to be shared – whether it’s with someone you love, your neighbor, your coworkers, a client or just someone with whom you’d like to connect.


Victory Love + Cookies

Founded in 2008, Victory Love + Cookies has been providing fresh cookies inside the Denver Bread Company and shipping boxes of goodness all over the United States. All cookies are made fresh, with love, and, above all, aimed to spread love and light to the world.

Broz designed the Victory Love + Cookies website to be mobile and device responsive for Shopify.

Victory Love + Cookies
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Victory Love + Cookies Logo


Victory Love + Cookies


Victory Love + Cookies


Victory Love + Cookies



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