The End Of Twitter

Is the end of Twitter imminent? Since its IPO last in 2013, there has been an absence of substantial user growth, a lack of company direction and Twitter has become a well-known bully pulpit (take Jimmy Kimmel’s well-known bit Celebrities Read Mean Tweets, for example). Four of Twitter’s top executives have left for greener pastures and their stock price continues to plummet.

The beginning of the end may be the shift from the 140 character limit shift to 10,000. What makes Twitter great is the concise way in which users have to interact with it. The core of the Twitter user experience is the quick hit approach. Instead of treating this as a weakness it should be considered a strength.

Comparing Twitter to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp or WeChat is a mistake. All of these social media platforms are around for different things and different experiences.

Maybe Twitter has lost its way. It’s hard for a public company to not feel pressured when investors are clamoring and there is upheaval at the top. Weathering the storm seems like a better solution than turning into a shittier version of Facebook.